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Hey guys so today I am doing another one of my real talks post. If you’re new it’s basically where I tell you guys about what has been going on in my life and my thoughts on it. It’s kind of like a vlog, but in written format. If you want to check out my last real talks post out can click here.

Going Natural Everything

Well not technically natural everything, but I am going to be making some pretty big changes to some of the things I use every day.

 I decided back in May 2015 that I would be going natural. I stopped getting my hair chemically relaxed and I am letting my natural texture grow out. I have not done the big chop yet, but I am transitioning. I'm not exactly sure when I going to cut my relaxed ends off. I was thinking of doing it on my 17th birthday (Dec. 22), but that will only have been about 8 months. It’s either that or do a full one year transition. I still have some time to decide and I will choose based on how fast my hair growth is.

I also decided this past week that I am going to be switching to all natural makeup! I am pretty pumped and excited to be making this change. At first I thought it would be so expensive to make the switch, and that was somewhat true. There are some larger brands like Alima Pure and Vapour Cosmetics that have some pretty expensive products, but I found some awesome smaller companies with some really affordable prices! I don’t want to mention these companies yet since I haven’t had a chance to try the out and I would hate for you to go buy something because of me and its ends up being horrible. I will hopefully have a video up in the next 2 weeks or so about the companies and my thoughts on them. So defiantly subscribe to my YouTube Channel (video and subscribe button is at the bottom of this page).

Update(8/25/15)- I just placed my first order so post and videos will be coming soon!

These next two things I am really considering switching, but I just feel like now isn’t the time. I first want to switch to all natural hair care products. I haven’t had a chance to do much research on natural brands for my hair type, but I know that this is what I defiantly want for the future! I think that by the time that I use up all my current products I will be ready to make the switch!

I also have decided to switch to cloth pads in the future. I’m going to be honest with you guys I am not too keen on the idea of to wash my pads after I use them. I literally have no idea how to handle that situation in public places (storing the used ones and keeping them from smelling). I am purely doing this for health reason. As some of you may know I have quite a few health issues and also a lot of women have noticed a significant difference in their period health after using these for a while. I won’t be switching now because I am kind of terrified, and I need to do more research on them.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and possibly consider taking this journey with me!

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