TBR Takedown 2.0 Wrap Up

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For today's post I'm going to be showing you guys what I read for the TBR Takedown 2.0 Readathon.  This readathon was hosted by the amazing Shannon from @leaninglights(her link is at the end of the post). She made this readathon so incredibly fun with all the challenges and reading sprints on twitter. I highly recommend you guys participate in the next round that will hopefully be this winter.

The goal of this readathon was to read a total of 5 books and each book had a set challenge. I was unfortunately unable to reach the 5 book goal ,but I am still really happy with what I did accomplish. I will be telling you guys what my thoughts on the books I read and the challenges. I also filmed a video that is basically what's in the blog post ,so feel free to check that out if you want more of a visual (embedded at the top of the post).

1. First Book in a Series

For this challenge I chose to read Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. I was able to completely finish this book and I loved it. I really enjoyed the plot of this book and the little moments of romance in the story. I feel like she had the perfect combination of them both. I found that I was never really bored while reading this book. I do plan on picking up the second book in this series soon.

2. A Sequel in a Series

For this challenge I chose to read Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer. I had been re-reading most of the series and I only had the second part of the last book left to read. I had been apprehensive about reading the second part because of the situation with Jacob and the baby. I thought that situation was weird and I was afraid that it would ruin the whole series for me. I am so glad that I decided to go ahead and read it. Stephenie Meyers is such an amazing author and I feel bad for even doubting her skills. I ended up loving the second part almost more than the first. I will always recommend anything from Stephenie Meyer.

3.  On Your Shelf for Over a Year

For this challenge I chose to read Being Friend With Boys by Terra McVoy. I actually didn't enjoy this book very much. I felt like it didn't have very much of a plot to follow. The book didn't have any clear event that the book led up to. I found it to be a bit boring at times because of that. It did have a few enjoyable moments and I am happy with the person she ended up with. I think the book would have been more interesting if it went more into their relationship when they got together.

4. Most Recently Bought

For this challenge I chose to read The Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Robin Palmer. I unfortunately didn't enjoy this book either. It was pretty much the same reason I gave for BFWB by Terra. It was mostly just a bunch of events that happened everyday and kinda following the main character life. I personally found my self a bit bored at some parts. I also felt that the romance could have been a bit more natural. We didn't really have much time in the book to watch their relationship grow. I did get this book at an amazing price so I'm not that upset that it was sorta disappointing.

5. Out of Your Comfort Zone

I originally planned to read The Perks of being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. This book was waaaayyy out of my comfort zone. I went into this book completely blind and had no idea what to expect. I was only able to read about the first 30 pages or so. I did not like the main character at all. I felt like he was too innocent and ignorant (I don't mean ignorant in a mean way ,but just the fact that he didn't know anything). Some part of the book I felt it was okay for him to be that innocent ,but on other parts it was kinda unbelievable. He didn't have any sense of what was okay and what wasn't. I mean even if I don't understand what's going on I just know when things don't feel right. He didn't seem to have that sense and I found it kinda irritating. I don't know if 15 year olds were that way when the book was written ,but they definitely aren't now. ( Please note that I am not trying to say that there is something wrong with being innocent. If you have read the book you may have an idea of the scene that sorta sparked these feelings. I don't want to write the scene so I don't spoil it for someone who actually wants to enjoy the book.)

Since I couldn't get through that book I decided to pick up a book that was sent to me by an author for review. The book is called Chartile by Cassandra Morgan. This book is YA fantasy which is a genre I don't pick up very often. I am only about 200 pages into the book and I am really enjoying it. I am actually enjoying it way more than I expected and I can feel this book becoming one of my favorites. It isn't as intense as some of those other high fantasy books so it is easier to follow. I will be doing a full in-dept review of the book once I am done reading it so stay tuned for that!

So these are all the books I attempted to finish and finished during the readathon. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and consider joining the next round of TBR Takedown! Here is a link to Shannon's Channel :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPLYFyhT6PRICPfCzm81w6g

Have you read any of these books? If so what did you think??

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