20 Things To Do When You're Bored

9:00 AM

Today is a quick and hopefully inspiring post! I wanted to make a quick list of some thing you guys can do if you're bored. Don't forget to follow this blog by putting your email in the sidebar.

1. Start a Blog

2. Film YouTube Videos  or Start a Channel

3. Write a Short Story

4. Make new friends by starting conversations with people on Twitter

5. Make a perfect Instagram worthy cup of Hot Chocolate

6. Have a DIY spa day

7. Bake homemade cookies

8. Start a small business or Etsy shop

9. Have a DIY photo shoot with a cool backdrop

10. Try out one of those cute nail designs from your Pinterest board.

11. Choose your outfits for the next week

12. Binge watch a show on Netflix/Hulu ( Suggestions: Wayward Pines, House, Revolution, & Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

13. Up-cycle some old clothes

14. Rent a Redbox movie and have a family movie night

15.Read a book

16. Go Thrifting

17. Rearrange / Decorate your room

18. Go for a walk & take pictures of the things you see

19. Visit a local coffee shop (and no Starbucks doesn't count)

20. Make a Time Capsule for your future self to open on you Wedding Day.

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  1. Great suggestions to keep us busy and occupied. Once you start one of these tasks, you'll definitely be engaged and not bored anymore. One task will lead to another enjoyable task.


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