3 Ways to Be More Productive

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Do you ever feel like you can never get the things you need done? Then you feel disappointed because you weren’t able to accomplish what you wanted. I used to be just like that until I started doing these three simple things. I have notice a significant difference in the amount of work I can get done, and my mood. This post isn’t just going to tell you how to get more things done, but it’s also going to tell you how to feel like you have gotten a ton of this done even if you haven’t. This will over all help you feel better about your accomplishments for the day.

Make To Do Lists

There is nothing more satisfying to me then crossing tasks off a to-do list! To-do lists keep you from straying away from the things you need to do. It also gives you the feeling that you can actually get done with all your tasks. I know that when I don't make a list I feel like I have a never ending list of things to do.

To really make your to do list effective write down really specific things. Let’s say you need to write a blog post, don’t just put down "write blog post". Instead put down "research post topic”, “draft post", make post graphics", and "Publish post". It mentally makes you feel better to cross off 4 things instead of one. Plus if you don't do everything you need to do in order to publish your post you can still cross off some things. It’s almost like patting yourself on the back for getting some of it done.

Set Lower Standards For Yourself

Now I don't mean set lower standards for yourself morally. I mean that you shouldn't expect yourself to do be able to do everything. If you always find that you can never get everything completed it’s not that you’re lazy. You are more than likely expecting too much out of yourself. This can cause you to feel bad about yourself even if it’s not really your fault. Let’s say that you need to write a post, film a video , send newsletters to your email list ,  and organize your office. You can film a video and send out your newsletter one day then write your post, and organize your office the next day.  You shouldn't put all this stress and pressure on yourself to get a lot of things done. Plus if your pretending to be superwomen one day and get done more than you expected you will feel so proud of yourself.

Reward Yourself

This is a very important step that so many people skip over. If you give yourself small rewards it will keep you motivated to finish you work. Sometimes you just need a minute to breath and clear your mind before your continue. I love to reward myself by taking 10 minute breaks every so often. During this time I like to listen to whatever song I’m obsessed with (Currently: Calvin Harris- Sweet Nothing Remix by  Diplo &Grand Theft ) , get a snack , or even do a quick Pilates workout (link to my favorite 3 minute workout below). Taking these small breaks can easily keep you going for 30 minutes more than you would have if you had not taken a break.

Follow these three steps and start noticing results immediately! If you only take one thing from this post please remember to take care of yourself. We get so caught up in the 1 million things we have to do that we really wear ourselves out. I hope you found this post to be helpful! If you did don't forget to leave a comment below and follow this blog by putting your email in the side bar. 

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  1. This is true! This must be my lucky night for getting such great productivity tips from you! LOL I've been procrastinating on a lot of issues and your suggestions are on point. Thanks!

    1. I am so glad that I was able to help you! Thanks for Reading!


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