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Today we have a super fun and interesting interview with the author Cassandra Morgan. I recently did a review of her book Chartile. If you are interested in checking that out you can visit the post here.We will go ahead and jump right into it!

What are you currently reading?

The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison

I actually don’t have a lot of time to read, so I’m addicted to audio books. I listen to 15-30 minutes of an audio book before bed every night, and I listen to various writing podcasts during the day in my car.

Do you have a writing ritual? I know some authors like to use certain pens, or wear certain things to get their creative juices flowing.

I do my best work on my bed. I have this cushy, micro-suede back rest (that my cat likes to attack, so that sometimes makes writing interesting if he’s being hyper that evening) I like to use. I just set that up against my headboard, laptop on my lap, and no less than one kitty within an arm’s reach of a pet.

What inspired you to write this story?

When I was an early teen, my friends and I would go into the woods behind our houses in the subdivision we lived in, and we would play these role-playing games. The story stemmed from those games we used to play, at least the core of it. I decided over a decade later, after I couldn’t get the story out of my head, that I wanted to write it out and put it out there to the world. A few things changed from the original, but the core concept and core characters are all there.

About how long did it take you to write Chartile?

3 freaking long years! I worked a retail job most of the time I was working on the first book. The hours were unpredictable, so I didn’t always know when I would or wouldn’t be able to write. Now that I have a more set 9-5 job, I can schedule my time more easily. The second book is coming along much faster than the first.

What was it like the first time you held your physical book or saw the finished book?

It was a little surreal, but I immediately started nit-picking everything and figuring out what I needed to tweak before releasing it onto the market. I highly recommend for any self-published authors who do Print-on-Demand, it’s worth it to order a physical copy as part of your proofing.
So, by the time my first case of “real” books came, the special-ness had kind of worn off and it was all business.

What was the first story you wrote about? No matter how silly it was!

I come from a family of writers and English majors. I remember typing out gobble-dy-gook on my uncle’s type writer before I even knew my alphabet. I’d then walk into the next room, proud as could be, and make my family listen to the story I had just “written”. I couldn’t tell you what these were, but I have been coming up with little stories since I was at least three-years old, because that’s about as far back as I can remember.

The first story I clearly remember writing was in the fourth grade. We had a Writer’s Workshop once a week. The story was The Unicorn and the Ligar. It was about a unicorn who went on an adventure to save her father who was being held captive by the evil Ligar on the other side of the enchanted forest. I think I did it for an actual assignment. It was from that point on I remember many of my English teachers pushing me very hard and holding me to a higher standard than a lot of my other classmates. So, I think my teacher at the time might have spread the word amongst the school system for the teachers to keep an eye on me. I went to a very small school. The town I grew up in was so small, it technically was considered a village, so it wasn’t very hard for word to spread like that.
I’m grateful for it.

If you had a chance to do to do the process of writing Chartile over what would you do differently?

I think I would have had my editor go over it a second time. I think I would have also organized an editing team vs just beta readers.

I hope you guy enjoyed this post as much as I did! Cassandra gave some really good responses. If you can't get enough of her check out her links at the bottom of this post. Don't forget to follow this blog by entering you email in the side bar.

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Read the first 2 chapters of Cassandra's book Chartile here.

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