Book Review| Chartile by Cassandra Morgan

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Today I am a reviewing a book that was sent to me for review. If you have been following my blog then you already have some hints of what I think about this book. Before we get into the review I first want to give you guys some information about the book.


In times of old, of magic told, When Dragons ruled the skies, Four kings there lived, four cardinal winds, And peace on lands did lie. Jayson Hill, Jack Mitchel and Leonardo DeHaven want nothing more than to go home. After being whisked away to a strange land called Chartile, Jack, Leo and Jayson are believed to be the reincarnated souls of Chartile’s ancient kings, sent as the prophecy foretold, to right the wrongs of the land. With an evil princess bent on taking every last bit of Chartile as her own, and their new friend, Piper, a mysterious girl who is more than what she appears to be at first, Jayson, Jack and Leo must decide how to embrace what the people believe them to be and how to stay true to themselves.

* This is the synopsis posted on Amazon*

My Thoughts

I am surprised that I liked this story as much as I did. I very rarely pick up any type of fantasy ,because they send my brain into overdrive. I found this books to be easy to follow ,and I didn't get overwhelmed reading all the details. I personally think that the last few chapters are the absolute best in the book. I was going a bit slow in the beginning ,but the more I read I could not put it down. I got very emotionally attached to the characters and was pretty heartbroken when a certain scene to place.(No Spoilers!) Over all I would recommend this book to you guys ,and if you want to know more about the book I will include some links below.

Disclaimer: This was sent to me for the purpose of review. I did not receive any compensation for reviewing this book. These are all my honest opinions.

Cassandra Morgan

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