2016 Blogging, Reading ,and Life Goals

9:16 PM

Hey Guys!

It has been quite awhile ,and I am so sorry for my inconsistency! I have been in a bit of a creative slump ,but I am back. I decided to write down all my goals for the year ,and post them online publicly. Hopefully this will force me to actually stick to my goals.


  • My main goal this year is to be consistent. I want to commit to making content on a regular basis. I want to shoot for 1-2 days a week ,but realistically I just don't want to go weeks without posting. 
  • I want to build an audience that I am truly connected with. I am not necessarily focused on numbers ,but I just want an audience that interacts with me on a regular basis. 
  • Even though I am not completely focused on numbers I think its important to set milestone goals.
-Blogging: 100 Followers
-YouTube: 1,000 Followers
-Twitter: 500 Followers
-Instagram: 1,000 Followers


  • My main goal this year is to reduce my amount of reading slumps. When I get a slump they tend to hit me pretty hard. I want to strive to not be in a slump for weeks at a time.
  • My reading goal is 100 books this year! I decided to go big this year and read a total of 100 books I have been doing good ,and I have already read 7 books already!
  • Another goal this year is to read great books. I know its kind of hard to pick a good book since you never really know a book until you read it. I am just praying for good vibes and quality books.


  • My main goal this year is to really focus on my fashion designs. I really want to put myself out there ,and get some people wearing my designs. I plan on making a small online store to get some of the stuff out there ,and start working with people and do personal styling. 
  • Another goal is to really go hard in my studies this year. Not that I have been slacking or anything ,but I really want to make an effort to finish school early. It has always been a dream of mine to graduate earlier. I do online high school ,and you do have the opportunity to work ahead. 
  • My other more spiritual goal is to just not stress to much about things. Honestly when I think back to 2015 I think of a lot of negative things. This year I refuse to look back and have all these negative memories for this year. 

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