Things I Didn't Know About Job Hunting

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Hey Guys,

So recently I have decide that I wanted to get a part time job just to bring in some extra cash for the things I want. I am currently still not employed at the current time this post has been written. BUT I have filled out so many applications ,and have even gotten some call backs. I realized some things while doing my job hunting that no one really told me about before.

It is a Slow Process

I honestly thought I would put an application in, they would call me back, get an interview and then I would be hired. I didn’t expect there to be quite this much waiting involved. I saw all these jobs who were looking for new employees so I assumed they would be speedy with their hiring process. I was very wrong. I started at the beginning of May looking for jobs ,and it's the end of May and I still don’t have a job. So I definitely realized that you just have to be patient because there is nothing you can really do about it.

Being Overqualified Doesn't Hold as Much Weight as You Think.

I have done some Internships in the past for major corporations. I assumed that since most people my age don’t have any job experience I would totally stand out from everyone. This may not be true for everyone in every situation ,but I expected more call backs than I actually got. When I was at school they told me how all this experience would be a game changer when it came to apply for jobs ,so I expected to have an overwhelming number of offers. Man was I Wrong.

Sometimes You Won't Get Hired and It has Nothing to Do With What You Did

I have done everything right ,and still have not gotten certain jobs. It worried me a little because I thought I did something wrong ,but after really thinking over things I couldn’t find anything majorly wrong I did. Then my mom told me that sometimes people just don’t hire you or your not what they are looking for. This could be anything from your looks ,the way you talk ,or your actual qualifications. She basically told me that with some people there is really nothing I could do or have done if they have already made their minds up. This definitely made me feel better ,and a little ruffled that some people don't even give you a chance before they meet you.

You Will Fill out a Ton of Applications

I have filled out so many applications I can't even count. I thought I would fill out maybe 3 applications ,and get a job. I have probably filled out over 20 applications at this point. I was so tired of filling them out I just had to take a break and stop. So be prepared to put in just as much working try to get the job as you would working the job.

You will eventually find a job or Re-invent yourself

With everything I said above , if you keep trying eventually you will get a job. My time hasn't happened yet ,but I am currently waiting for a call back for a potential job. It can seem really frustrating at time ,but eventually all the chips fall into place. The second thing that may happen is that you re invent yourself or find another way to make some money! I am personally doing options one and two. I am still on the search for a job ,but until then I will be putting my focus on my new online clothing store coming soon. Starting a side business could be a great way to pursue a million dollar idea or be a steady stream of part time income. Anything could happen ,so I recommend just trying new things out.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post ,and could relate to me if your job hunting. Be sure to put your email in the side bar to be update every time I post or follow my blog via bloglovin! Until next time.

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