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I know it's summer time ,and everyone is excited for all these new and exciting movies coming out. My family and I love to spend time together by going to the movie theater. We go quite often which can become pretty costly. I have picked up some money saving hacks ,and other tips to share with you guys.

Money Saving Tips

Tip #1 Look for a Discount Theater

If you love to go to the movies often paying 10+ dollars for a ticket can make you go broke easily! I have discovered a discount movie theater that sales tickets for $3 each. This isn't some fake rip off movie theater ,but is an actually a legit Malco movie theater (the main chain of movie theaters in our area). This saves a ton of money because our family could pretty much attend the movie for the price of one person at the regular theater.

This was something we sort of stumbled upon and it's not labeled as a discount movie theater. My recommendation to find out if one is in your area is to ask around because most time other people already know about it. I would also try googling it and see what you find or even maybe call one of the theaters and ask if they have a discount site.

If your area doesn't have a discount site ask about special pricing during non peak movie hours. Sometime they discount tickets to like $5 during early day time hours when fewer people come to see movies. Also look into drive in theaters because you can often pay one time and watch movies all day long!

Tip #2 Eat Before You Go!

I can not stress this enough! You will save so much money if you eat before you go to the movie theater. You don't have to eat a five course meal ,but even something like a fruit cup , sandwich or snack will help. If you go to the theater extremely hungry you will splurge on all that over priced food they have there. If you eat a little before you go you will spend less on food ,and maybe even be able to combine funds and share with someone.

Tip #3 Share Food

Speaking of sharing I highly recommend sharing popcorn and even a drink with your family at the movie theater. Usually the largest sizes of drinks & popcorn are refillable. It's much cheaper than 3 people buying separate popcorns and drinks.

If your concerned about germs make sure your sharing with someone you know well. I only share food with my family members (parents,sibling,cousins..etc) ,and If you have a significant other (you swap germs every time you kiss) you can share with them as well. Just make sure everyone washes their hands and/or sanitizes them. I also recommend everyone getting their own straw for the drink. No matter how close you are its still really unsanitary to drink directly after someone else.

Tip #4 Bring Your Own Food

Now this one isn't for everybody and some people may even be offended that I'm suggesting this. You don't have to do this. I just personally do this because I don't see it as some horrible crime.
Since I'm usually on a tight budget and movie theater food is costly and not very tasty (in my opinion) I like to sneak in some food. This is perfect if you have that one family member with a nice sized purse. I usually like to bring small snack sized items like a candy bar , small bag of chips , and small candies (skittles, gummy bears, mints..etc). I never bring in cooked food like a burger and stuff into a movie theater. I might even bring some water if I have one of those reusable bottles with the lids.

I personally don't think sneaking snacks into a theater is a huge deal. Its not like I'm recording the movie or doing anything to disturb/harm anyone. The movie theater makes a ton of money ,and the owners' family will still be fed if you sneak in a bag of skittles. If your super concerned about being caught I would just recommend to not do it.

I hope you guys found this post helpful and learned some money saving tips you didn't know about before. A part two post about other movie theater hacks will be coming out soon ,so be sure to subscribe to my blog. 

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  1. These are great tips and I always use them because cinema/ theatre food is so expensive it's ridiculous!

    1. It's really crazy to be honest! Plus the food isn't all that good especially for the prices.

  2. Typically the movie theater will make a plethora of profit, and then the owners' family group will still be federal any time you sneak in any pouch from skittles. If your primary seriously interested in preserving increasingly being busted Appraisal solely would suggest will not exercise.


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