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So recently I finally got around to reading The Secret Circle by L.J Smith after I saw the TV show on Netflix. I was quite shocked on the fact that I preferred the TV show to the actual book. That very rarely happens because most books are usually made into poorly executed films and TV shows. But before we go in dept into my thoughts I want to back track and tell you guys a little about The Secret Circle.

This book basically follows a girl named Cassie who turns out to be apart of this long line of witches that all originated from the same town. All the previous witches had kids which created the next circle so to speak. Now that Cassie has moved back to the town the circle is complete and the group is collectively more powerful. Of course some others things happen ,but I'm about to get into why I can't tell you some of those things.

The first huge difference between the show in the book is that the plot lines are crazy different. They have similar plot line but they spin off to pretty different directions. The TV show starts with the fact that Cassie's mother died in an accident ,and she had to move in with her grandmother bringing her back to the town. The story was sort of driven around her mysterious death which lead to a lot of things in the story. (Sorry if I am talking cryptic ,but I don't want to spoil it for you guys)

Now in the book it seems like her and her mother kind of randomly moved back to the town to live with her grand mother. That didn't have as much spark in my opinion as her mother's mysterious death. That sort of gave the book a random feel to me like things weren't justified enough.

Another thing that made the TV show so amazing for me were the special effects. The show was produced by CW which is known for great work especially for shows dealing with the super natural world. The effects were so amazing I was just blown away at how awesome the show was. As you know with book there are no special effects ,so the plot had to be really up to par to top that.  Usually I prefer the plot from the book of the visual adaptation ,but I actually think the producers took in a better direction than the author did.

Unfortunately the show was cancelled after the first season because all those special effect were to costly. I have only gotten the chance to read the first book in the series ,so there is still hope to change my opinion on which I think is better. Before I end this post I do want to say that this is in no way bashing the author of this book. The show would have never been a thing without her amazing idea for the story plot ,and she probably played a hand in the changes made to the TV show. I always want to express love and support to those who have done something great. So please keep this in mind when ever I share my opinion on something ,and its not in the favor of the author,product,person..etc.

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Have you read or seen The Secret Circle? If so what your opinion on it?

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