30 Day Blogging Challenge + Fashion Design Inspiration and Motivation

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So my blog has been a bit of a hit and a miss at times. Sometimes I post often and sometimes I don't post for 3 months. I have been wanting to take my blog seriously ,but its hard to get things done when your not motivated. I also got into a horrible habit of starting things and not following through. Its totally okay to change your mind ,but its good to see things through.

That's why I am starting my own 30 Day Blogging Challenge! Basically I am challenging bloggers to switch things up. If you have been wanting to try out some different type of content on your blog ,but your just afraid to take the jump. All you have to do is commit to doing it for 30 days ,and you can go back to normal (if you want) afterwards. You don't have to change your posting schedule or do a drastic change in blog content. This is just a trial run and a chance for you to spice things up.

I'm not doing this challenge for popularity. I am doing this more for myself because I have been in a funk ,so I HAVE TO switch things ups.  I have decided to target two content creating platforms to try out different content for 30 days,

Fashion Designer Lifestyle + Motivation Blog

The first is of course the blog your currently reading. Some of you may not know ,but I am a fashion designer. Now I'm not a big name designer with a bunch of clients or anything. I'm only 17 so as you can imaging some other things are priority. I have been wanting to start my own fashion business that I can fit to my schedule and manage at my own pace. I was on a great track until I ran out of inspiration and motivation. 

Even people who are passionate about something can loose motivation!

You know your passion when it still bugs you. Even though I wasn't doing anything I still thought about it A LOT. I just needed to clear my head and get things together. I naturally went to the internet for inspiration. I wanted to hear the struggles and insecurities of other designers so I didn't feel alone. I found nothing. I found a bunch of place that just posted picture of cute clothes which is fine ,but not what I needed. I decided to start my own fashion designer inspiration and motivation blog (at least for 30 days).

I plan to share my life as a fashion designer. I want to share my vision for the future. I also just want to talk about the fashion industry and not only clothes. I think this will still help other people even if they aren't into fashion design. So I am officially committing to blog about being a fashion designer for at least 30 days. 

Study Motivation/Tips + Tumblr = Studyblr

The other platform I am targeting is Tumblr. I honestly could never fully get into Tumblr because thing can easily get weird on there. A few days ago I discovered a community called studyblr. It's basically blogs based around study tips/academics/motivation..etc. This probably sounds really boring to some people but education is really important to me. My school situation got horribly complicated ,and a lot of people would have just quite in my situation. I chose not too ,but it still is really difficult to push though. I loved the motivation aspect of Studyblr ,and I know this community will help me during the school year. 

Always surround yourself with positive things ,and eventually it will rub off on you. So that's what I'm essentially doing with this challenge. I have a goal to work on the education and fashion aspect of my life so I must surround myself with like minded people. 

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  1. I think everyone can understand where you are coming from, especially myself as I am known for dropping in and out of my blog or finding myself with a lack of ideas for content. This is a really good idea... if one can find the time!

    Emmie xo
    Unsigned, Me Blog ‖ www.unsignedmeblog.co.uk

    1. Yeah I'm just going to make it a priority this month. I have been doing okay so far ,but I think I can keep it up. Thanks for stopping by!


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