Fashion Fridays| August Goals For My Fashion Business

8:20 AM

So I made a post a few weeks back about how I wanted to start talking more about my fashion design on my blog. I originally planned on doing a 30 day content challenge. Some things happened and that just didn't work out ,but I refuse to give up! That's why I'm testing out this Fashion Fridays thing. I'm not sure if this will be permanent or not but we are just going to go with it for the time being.

This weeks Fashion Friday will be my August Goals for my fashion business. Now I know August ends in like 5 days ,but I did write these at the begging of the month. I should be updating you guys on the progress of these goals next Friday when I do my September goal and August Wrap up.

1. Work on and finish designs for Memphis Fashion Week 2017.

If you weren't aware I participated in this fashion show last year. I did a post and vlog about the whole thing. I'm super exciting to submit my collection for this year and hopefully I can participate again!

2. Start sewing more to build skill ,and sell the one off projects I have done.

I haven't been sewing on a machine for that long. I really want to have more practice just so my garment construction is better in general. I also want to list a few of the things I had been working on , on those clothes selling sites. Place like depop , vinted ,and poshmark are a few examples. I'm a really broke high school student so a few extra dollars would not hurt.

3. Incorporate more fashion related post into my blog.

I love fashion ,and designing so of course I want to talk about it more. I also feel like it's something people are really interested in just knowing about. Hopefully I can spark creativity in someone else.

4. Start designing on the line of novelty accessories I've been wanting to do.

You might have noticed that fashion design requires a lot of designing. It may sound a bit crazy to work on two different collections in the same month. I'm the type of person that works off of the momentum of my creativity. Once I turn my creative switch on it's best for me to keep being creative. You guys will hear a major update on this by my next post.

5.Finalize my plans and strategies for launching my first line. 

I'm not sure exactly when I want to launch my first line ,but I know I want it to be this year. It doesn't have to be huge ,but it's something I want to do. This line needs to actually be profitable ,so its best to research strategies before hand. Plus it helps that I have made a nice little successful business before.

This is the end of my August Goals! I feel like these are some really good things for me to focus on right now. I have actually already done a few of these goals ,so the next five days wont be as hectic.

Leave a comment on your major goal for this month!

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  1. This is amazing XD made me think of starting my own one soon xx Keep on with your amazing talent ^_^

    1. Thanks! and you can always just start coming up with ideas ,and just see where it takes you.


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