My Thoughts: Instagram Stories Vs. Snapchat

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So I'm sure you have already heard about Instagram's new update! Everyone was expecting them to bring back the chronological feed that we loved so much. Maybe even add the "follows you" feature that twitter has so you know who follows you. The did a total 360 and bought us Instagram Stories.

What Is Instagram Stories??

In case your confused on exactly what Instagram Stories is it's pretty much Snapchat.  It looks the same as Snapchat when you create stories. The only thing they don't have is all those cool little filters that Snapchat currently has. The stories even delete after 24 hours! If you want to know more about the update you can checkout the Instagram's Blog post.

My Thoughts

My Initial thought was NOOO! Social media is a lot to handle already especially being a blogger and ,now we have two different platforms for the same thing. I was genuinely in a state of confusion. How do I decided what to post to my Snapchat story and Instagram story? Should I post the same thing on both? Is Instagram Stories going to be the next big social media thing??

I was honestly having a small meltdown (it was really kind of crazy). The thing I love about all the social media platforms is that they are so unique. They all have different "social rules". I can post 14 times a day on twitter and nothing will happen. If I post 14 times on Instagram I am definitely loosing followers.

Instagram is known to be your personal art gallery especially if your a content creator. People wan't to see your best photos. Snapchat is the complete opposite. On there we want to see everything no matter how crazy or dumb it looks. It will all be gone in 24 hours YOLO! (Yes I'm aware that yolo isn't a cool thing). Now that Instagram has added that carefree aspect to a not so carefree platform it feels weird. It's not natural to post that often on Instagram or share those crazy picture with your followers on that platform. It just doesn't feel right,

Which bring me to my next point. Will Instagram storied be as carefree as Snapchat? I mean on Snapchat you don't know how many followers a person has and there are no likes. That adds to the carefree feeling on the app. With Instagram you can see a persons followers ,and the amount of likes they usually get. So will people be comfortable sharing those not so perfect selfies on the app if you feel like your being judged on your numbers? Not to mention that you see the stories from everyone you follow. That is a lot of stories to watch!

Now I definitely can't skip over the elephant in the room. The fact that Instagram stole a whole concept from someone else and didn't even attempt to make it that different. That on its own feels wrong. It's not okay for you to just steal someones concept in it entirety and pretend like its nothing. Should we even be supporting an app/corporation who does things like this??

The Final Verdict

As you can see there are so many different aspects that came with this update. It creates so many mixed feelings and bit of confusion. Now I'm not necessarily #teamsnapchat since I have only been using the app 2 days before this update. I had finally jumped one the Snapchat bandwagon ,and now this happened. After talking to some of my other YouTube/blogger friends I decided to just try it out ,and see what everyone is thinking by the end of the week. By then we will know if this is a cool thing people are going to be doing for now on.

I also wanted to note how crazy this is in general. The fact that this is "big" news in our world today. The fact that I had a small amount of anxiety about the whole update and what I should be doing. It's just crazy to think that this is something of importance of our generation. I bet some of the older generation probably think we are kind of crazy. (Maybe we are??)

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  1. I've updated the app but I still haven't seen any stories yet! I'm really interested to see how they work X

    1. Alot Of people have been saying that too! I have been using it for a few days and I actually starting to like it. I think there will be enough room for both snapchat and Instagram. Hope you get to test it out soon!


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