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Hey guys so If your not subscribed to my YouTube Channel (You totally should be). Then you wouldn't have known that I had a major hair cut recently. I have been letting my natural hair texture grow out for over a year ,and I have finally cut off all the chemically damaged ends. If you want a detailed explanation and to actually see me cut my hair check out the YouTube video (or watch it at the bottom of this post)

This post is going to focus more on the after math of when I cut my hair ,and all the feelings.


Even though I felt pretty weird with my hair being short ,and super kinky instead of straight my confidence went up. I don't have naturally straight hair and it does look good on my when I wear straight hair. BUT the kinky coily hair that god gave me fits me even better! I didn't really look different I just looked more like myself. I felt naturally bold with my hair being so big. 


I received a lot of compliments ,but not on my hair. I thought this was kind of strange considering the hair was the thing that had changed and everything else was the same. My brothers were telling me how much thinner I looked ,and that It looked like I had lost weight. I did loose weight like 3 weeks ago! They hadn't even noticed until I changed my hair. I think since the hair fits my face better it just overall made me look better. People were actually able to notice the progress I had been making. 


I gained a sense of "adult-ness" when I cut my hair. It seemed like it was such a grown up thing to be more accepting of myself. In school people are always trying to fit in ,and to be accepted into the in crowd. By wearing my natural hair I was majorly distancing myself from the "in crowd." It just seemed like I was growing up and learning that life isn't really about being "popular" or even being "beautiful" by society's standard. 

I learned a lot about myself when I finally did the big chop! I hope you guys enjoyed this post. If you want to see me cut my hair watch the video down below!

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  1. You look gorgeous with short hair, love it!

  2. Love it so much! You really do look so happy with shorter hair and it really does suit you so well! I've always had my hair long, I would be so scared to chop it off! You've done a fab job!

    1. Thanks ,and it was so scary! I glad that we live in an age where extensions are a thing because it I hated it I could hide it until it grows out. But all in all I'm really happy with my decision.


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