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12:29 AM

I'm super excited to announce that Fashion Vlogs are coming back! If your new Fashion Vlogs started as a series (on my YouTube Channel) where I document the months leading up to my first runway show. The experience was super amazing ,and I was crazy excited to do it all over again. Click here if you want to catch up on the first season of the Fashion Vlogs. 

Season two is going to be way better because I'm going to put out more vlogs! Instead of just taking you guys along with me to the shoots leading up to the show I am going to show you some real behind the scenes stuff. You with get a look at my process of designing and sewing garments. You will also get to see all the struggles that come with making clothes. You'll just get to see my design process in general. Watch the fist little episode at the bottom of this post.

My 2017 Runway Collection

This year my collection focuses on being very classy, chic ,and trendy. I'm only 17 ,so I dress very modest compared to a lot of people we see on social media. Part of it has to do with how I was raised and the other part is because I like it. Modesty is not considered to be very sexy or trendy. That's why this year I wanted to show people that you don't have to show it all to be sexy. 

Each design in my mini collection will feature an original water color pattern that I will be creating myself. Despite this being Spring attire my color scheme focuses on neutrals and winter colors. I personally don't like to have a ton of color ,so I want to incorporate that part of me in my designs. 

The first garment is a long sleeve off the shoulder top with a draped maxi length skirt. In this garment the water color pattern will be done on the skirt. The middle garment is definitely street style vibes. The top will be a t-shirt that will have a word/phrase printed on it. I'm not 100% sure on what word I am doing at this moment. The bottom is actually a skirt that has a unique cut to it. The front panel on the skirt with feature a watercolor pattern. The last garment is one of my more fancy pieces. It features a sleeveless V- neck crop top ,and a mermaid fit and flare skirt. The crop top will have the watercolor pattern. This specific design may change slightly because I think I want to do more with the skirt.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you have a blessed day!

Which garment is your favorite?

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