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9:25 AM

I have the exact same pattern when it comes to listening to music. I find one or two songs that I am obsessed with and listen to them until I pretty much don't like them anymore. During this period of listening to the same song over and over again its hard for me to be open to new music. I try to use things like music services in order to force me to listen to something different. My personal favorite for finding new music is Pandora. On the free version you don't really get many skips so it forces me to listen to songs and give them a chance. I tried this out yesterday and discovered two new songs that I think have some potential!

Cruel World by Phantogram

I am definitely not new to the music of Phantogram. I love so many of their songs (Fall in Love, Blackout Days, Don't Move..etc). I find their instrumentals to be really unique ,and upbeat. They have really good music for physical activity like workouts ,or house chores.

Koto by ODESZA

I am also not knew to ODESZA either! This song is basically a really nice instrumental (told you I'm a sucker for god instrumentals). This song is great if your working on some type of creative project. Its pretty upbeat ,and I can image myself listening to this while sewing on a garment.

I would not classify these as favorites. I didn't get that immediate feeling of being obsessed with these song ,but that doesn't mean that you won't.  If you want to know what some of my favorite song are check out this video.

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