Memphis Fashion Week 2018| Photo Recap

5:09 PM

This years fashion show definitely lived up to the hype! Eventhough this was my 3rd year participating it was just as exciting as the first time I did it. I was only able to attend two event this year ,so I can't really give a through rundown of the whole week. I figured I would just flood this post with pictures and let them do the talking.

The first event I went to was the Featured Designer Show. Some of the designers featured were This is Sloane, Tiena, Rachel Roy ,and Ituen Basi just to name a few. It was hosted at the Elvis Preseley Motor Museum which was new to me. Eventhough I had lived in Memphis my entire life this was my first time stepping foot at Graceland.

The next event I attended was the Emerging Designer's Show. I was actually apart of the show so majority of my pictures are from back stage. I was very excited this year because I stepped out of my comfort zone when it came to designing. I had never made a swim suit ,so I was really nervous on how things would turn out. Everything was just how I wanted ,and I was so pleased with how everything turned out.

Here are more pictures from the show. Special shout out to all the designers and the winners Jayla Slater, Casey Beck ,and Katerina. I had the most amazing stylist Fatia Webb and MUA Shaka Diamante keeping sane. This years show was really amazing. I was honored to be surrounded by all these talented designers ,and getting to make new friends.

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