Review Request/Policy

Book Review Policy

At this time I am currently accepting books for review.

Please note that I will not accept payment for honest reviews. All book reviews will be completely honest no matter what. In each review readers will be notified that the book was sent to me for review. Once I am done reviewing a book I will keep it for my own personal enjoyment for later(rereading , recommendation post ..etc). I will never sell or distribute any book given to me for review.

If you would like to request a review your book please send me an email to Before you submit your request please take the time to look over my review policy.

What type of books I accept

- I prefer books in physical print copies ,but I will accept ebooks, ARC's, Finished and Unfinished copies. 

- I enjoy reading Paranormal Romance, Dystopian, Contemporary and most other YA books.

- I rarely read high fantasy , adult contemporary/romance , and non fiction ,but I still may review depending on the book.

- I do not accept Eroticas or books with descriptive sex scenes in them.

* As long as your book doesn't fall into the category of books I don't accept there is a possibility that I may review it.*

What to expect in a review

  1. A picture of the front cover of the book
  2.  Links to places to buy the books & other social media for book/author
  3. A short summary of the book
  4. My honest review of the book

Additional Information

  • If I do not enjoy a book I will very respectfully give my reasons as to why. It will be done in a very professional manner. 
  • Dates for which the review will be posted will be determined when I have accepted a book.
  • Reviews can also be posted on Goodreads and Amazon if the author requests it.
  • I am also open to author interviews as well.

Please Include this information in your request email

  1. Subject line: Review Request/ Your Name
  2.  Name of Book
  3. Summary of book or link to Amazon page
  4. Release Date ( If not already published)

Thank you for reading this page before sending a review request email!

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